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A multimodal interface with tactile output and teleconferencing capabilities for autistic children.

Autistic children are excluded from social, cultural and health opportunities as a result of inaccessible environmental designs. Autistic children can become mentally and physically overloaded when required to constantly communicate their needs to others daily. By using the WebMoti in classrooms, autistic children can enhance social, communication and interpersonal skills, while gaining self-esteem and managing their sensory environment.




Schools with support autism programs and teachers of autistic children can use WebMoti to improve classroom management, decrease misconduct, and improve learning curriculum acquisition.

Families with autistic children can use WebMoti to manage multiple and time consuming appointments (such as doctors, autism therapists and counsellors) with reduced stress.



The WebMoti allows autistic children access to resources locally and internationally through audio visual conferencing technology. The multi-modal system provides individual functionality for self representation and interaction preferences. A sensory substitution system to control sensory inputs and outputs enables sound to be replaced or in combination with vibration, for example.